The Game
Grandia follows the story of Justin, an aspiring adventurer wishing to follow in his late father's footsteps. With his friend Sue, he leaves his hometown of Parm in search of the mythical place Alent, where he hopes to meet the legendary Liete. On his journey, he meets Feena, the greatest adventurer of the 'New World', and she joins Justin and Sue on their adventures, hoping to be as free as the wind. The trio follow Liete's calling and cross the continent to the east, where they climb the End of the World and discover the vastness of the continent that lies beyond the wall. Meanwhile, they run into the Garlyle Forces, a military organization led by General Baal and his son, Colonel Mullen, who wish to obtain the Spirit Stone Justin had been given by his father. Eventually, Justin and Feena find Alent and discover that the Garlyle Forces have been raising Gaia, a monster that will destroy the world. With the help of the ancient Icarian race, the blessing of the spirits, and the Spirit Stone, Justin and his friends must save the world from the evil forces that wish to enslave it.

The Characters
Playable Characters
  • Justin: A young boy looking for adventure
  • Sue: Justin's younger friend from his hometown, Parm
  • Feena: The greatest adventurer in New Parm and sister to Leen
  • Gadwin: A friendly knight from Dight
  • Guido: A travelling Mogay merchant
  • Rapp: A wild boy from Cafu
  • Milda: A fearless warrior from Laine
  • Liete: A mythical woman from Alent

Non-Playable Characters
  • Puffy: Sue's loyal pet, a present from Justin's father
  • General Baal: The main antagonist, hoping for world domination
  • Colonel Mullen: His son and eventually ally to Justin
  • Lieutenant Leen: Mullen's aide-de-camp and sister to Feena
  • Sergeants Nana, Saki, and Mio: Fierce sergeants in the Garlyle Forces
  • Lilly: Justin's mother and owner of the Seagull Restaurant

The Fanlisting
Mythical Worlds was opened on July 18, 2018 and is listed in the Games category at The Fanlistings Network.

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